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My Thought as a Plank Ministar.

Dear every local country mate,

            A few days ago, I woke up, and it was just dizziling, and as I turned on my news station, I found that dammed it, it was ponding everywhere. So I quickly on my Facibooka, and god dammed it, everyone were cow pay cow booing. Aiyah, I then went to do my daily morning cores. Brushed my teeth, and wash my face. As I looked into the mirror, hell no, I am now looking like shit. My hair is turning white, my face is crumbling, and I looked dammed tired.

When I set down for my morning kopi, I read my newspaper. At least I found more peace than the half an hour before. We again were first in GDP per capita, we were second in corruption free, we were first in good airport, no poor people, among the riches country in the world….I So happy, so many thing we achieved for the past 15 years. Then my secretary called, he told me my bank account was, ooops god dammed it, I forgot the too many numbers.

Getting another kopi, I began to think, why after being a Plank Ministar, aging my ass out, doing so much good for the people yet they all still cow pay cow boo. When I make a joke, they donch even understand, like mee siam may hum, like that they also catch no balls. I imported a lot of FT to serve food, sweep the floor, do our software, do our banking, yet they are not happy. Free my people up so that they can go kopi tiam and la kopi, also no happy. Our HDB is so cheap compared to New York, Tokyo or even Shanghai, yet they make noise.

 Our transport system is the best, SMRT do not break down every day you know? Taxi driver spend a lot  of their time in kopitiam, and we got a system of freedom for the taxi driver. As for FT driving busses, I do not understand why they need to understand Singlish to be a driver, drivers donch need to talk, if pessanger  cannot speak to the drivers, take taxi lah, it is cheaper that New York or Tokyo mah, or they can also learn Mandarin right.

Acktually, my kakis are bery good. Look at health, this ministar, keep increasing the cost, but hehehe, not many people know. Aaah, once a while people make noise lah, but, smart me, I know the locals will get over it within five to six months. My HDB ministar lagi shiok, he barricade all carparks, put each an one arm bandit there, and now I do not have to worry about coupon, I can tell the world environment agency I am paperless now. My law one is also good, tighten till no one can move, hackers may soon be call terrorist, funny hor, but it is a fact to me. The transport one also bery tok kong. He gave 1 billion, to buy bus for the bus companies, aiyah, not long before Tamaksic take them back. My kakis and especially me are very very gooda in mathematic, you know what I graduated in, hahaha. You know Bukit Brown, all old old graves, what for, just tear them up , build roads, and you know how many cars we can put into the road?? Got ya, not cars, but the $$$$ COE we are after. Dengue?, what about dengue, never hear of it.

As for CPF , mmmm, let me recall. Aaar, don’t talk about CPF, we are not sure, all my kakis do not use or need CPF. Come to think of it, it is not worth, after I spend my life for the country, people still make noise. But sometimes some kuku I mean brilliant people still support me, they say it is about 60% over all. But I am tired. I think I should quit while people like me. If I hold too long, then the curse get louder, and eventually drop to 40% then how, chiak lat. I can ack like Madhathir , pretend to cry in the grand meeting, but I did this too many times already, so may be no effect.

Ah ha, I gotta an idea, why not I use a new never before unique my idea, get them to vote me out.. Wow brilliant, ok, so let think over it.. Tonight I sleep, hope it does not rain, no ponding, and I will have at least 15 minutes to think about it. But base on my intelligence, if tomorrow I work up, and like normal, then do not make noise again, I might not quit. Win win for me hor.. See how brilliant I am as my dad use to say about me. Sigh!!


I donch want your subsidy

  I am a rare unlucky person. I had an incurable disease, and I had to visit my same good doctor at the government hospital bi-monthly ever since I was struck with it. What is surprising is that throughout these years since 2009 end up till now, our beloved government had increased my visiting subsidy starting 2010 January from $13.32 to currently at $33.42. Wow, a $20.10 subsidy increase! What a fantastic subsidy, which no other government can do(they claimed). What our government had done for us, is it not good enough? The trick is that I am now paying $32 per visit as compared to $25 then. Confusing? No, the fact is that the visitation fee had been raised from $38.32 to $65.42. Who knows?  So this is not a lie that they will help to subsidy the medical as much as they can. Paper work out only what. Look at the fact chart below. Five increases in 3 years?, kampong Malay says. “Pasir, sidikit sidikit, lama, lama, jadi bukit” or sand, partical by partical will add to be mountain. Considering that only a few percent are chronically sick, who will die soon anyway, it does not destroy the voting pattern, does it? Try writing to Mr. Gan, hope for any reply, forget it, I tried X 3, I think his link of communication is set to trash on all incoming mails.

Hospital Visit to the same doctor







2013 June 21  




2013 Feb 20  




2012 April 27  




2010 May 5  




2010 Jan 20  













Does our medical staff get such a pay increase during this period, if so I would not mind, Then how about the billions we budgeted went to? They said statistics tell lies, I do not think so, it is the man that made statistic lies.  Sigh!!.

Getai, eventual Death

            Since time, the habit of Gotong Royong was there since time begin. But this only thrived in the villages, since moving into staying in pigeon holes, this slowly faded into much lesser types. I still recalled in the early seventies, when fishing boats reaches the shores in Punggol Ends, after resting, in the afternoon, we help each other to haul our boats and mend our nets. Rahman or Goo Hood did not call any one, but everyone who is around came to help.

Traditions and culture comes and goes, some by natural death, other by unnatural death. The culture of drinking toddy died due to urbanization and introduction of more convenient alcohol. So it dies a cool natural death. Actually this death is caused by cost and convenience. But this death of toddy tradition is a good on to the society.

Talking about other traditions, in the early sixties, street Wayang or Chinese Operas, were everywhere during the Seventh month Ghost festival. We will rush to the sound of drums. It was very popular as there was no television back then. There a lot of food stalls around. So if your aunts or granny bring you there, you can be sure they will fork out five or ten cents to buy some things for you. I like the Lak Tao ( dice game) where I normally  gamble with  the number 5, 2 and normally win ten cents or so, such that I can buy Potong ice cream.

However, in the early 70s, a new trend started. Getai. My first Getai was in Kangkar, end of Serangoon road, the fish market, where fishes caught were auction off, I think that was 1971. Getai then, shared the same stage with the Wayang. There will be two days of Wayangs, then one or two days of Getai, depending on anyone stroked 4D to subsidise. The stage was built partially in the swamp, at the edge of the shore. So watching Getai in the night or Wayang could also be tough in considering the flies, mosquitos or other insects flying around the light bulbs. All there even forgotten the place was stink with stale fish smell all over, which was nostalgic of that place. In the morning during low tides, usually, before 2pm, when the Wayang starts, thousands if not millions of soldier crabs with the left huge red, blue, yellow pincer, will be crawling below the wooden stage. This is the beginning of Getai. Why? The main reason then was the cost of Wayang is getting too costly to stage, and that generation of watchers of Wayang is going going or gone. Considering that Wayang staged here is similar to those in China villages now, it lasted for thousands of years, and in Singapore, it die young.

During this time, audience comes to at least a like four to five thousands, just as much as like the amount of crabs running underneath the stage. Those far from the stage could not see the faces of the performers like Lin Xiao or Pai Bing Bing, instead you see a sea of black haired heads. If you are very lucky, you get to watch Wang Sa and Ye Fong. With this beginning, Getai become a hot entertainment stage, each year we waited for Getai, being more modern with the thousands of good song churning out of Taiwan and Hong Kong. After each Getai, records of phonogram become hot selling, before cassette tapes took over.

Fast jump to the eighties, expositions sprout out everywhere around the island, be it Jurong or Hougang at Hainan village. I followed.  You have tikam tikam , we always go to stalls that have tikam prizes of cigarettes So each time before our reservist, our group of kakis will zoom to such expos to play for the cigarettes. For us as a team aming at certain areas of a dart board, it was easy to win a few tens of packets enough for the length of our reservist. Out of reservist time, I would pick up a friend or few who drink beer and went to the expo to listen to songs like in the Getai. Then for whatever reason, the tikam tikam died, first is the banning of cigarettes, secondly is the availability of cheap stuffs, which the games gave out as prizes does not become a novelty. Even then the expo Getai lives on, but it soon died in the mid nineties without me knowing why. One reason I can this of is no more free land to stage, secondly, the police does not like to watch over such playground for the lesser off who cannot afford to visit the night clubs, or whatever.  

Coming back to the Getai, I already saw a slow death coming. As I mentioned in the beginning of the Getai era of the early seventies, if you are lucky, you might see the face of the singers, which you will be among the four or five thousands. Come to the mid-eighties, the audiences are still plentiful, auction at the festival form the Ghost festival for a piece of black gold ( blessed charcoal) can be auctioned to more than one point five million Singapore dollars. Then, let me jump to the end of the nineties. Audiences dropped to about around a thousand five for some good shows, and a just close to a thousand for the not so nice stage. Where the hell does the people went to ? Considering from early 70s to later 90s,. Yes, it passed almost thirty years, it is true that many audiences had indeed went to hell, if not heaven.

Now, three years ago till this year, the numbers of Getai had reduced significantly, are still there, but the huge audiences no more. Past two weeks I went to six shows. At most, you see only about three hundred of us. Frankly, the technology put on the stages are really much higher, the quality of the singers is also good, of course it is not comparable to the better ones in the seventies. The late eighties singers were bad, basically from mainland China. The cost of staging also went up, so is the audience average age. When you scan across the audiences, you see an average of sixty years old, plus or minus five. There are few black haired persons, those without black hair are either those one the stages, or among the audience, dyed black, or bald. I am among the white haired potion. Maybe a kid below 10 years old there, brought by their restless grand children there may be their parents are busy.

Why we come to this dilemma? First we hardly have spaces, previously, many staged in car parks, now is some miserable little spaces just about the size of two three basketball courts, because parking cars is more important than tradition. The only spacious stages are at industrial estate. Then the timing, why 10.30 pm, why not eleven pm? One other is because the people have no more community spirit, some get irritated by the noise which is music to many. Then this also a fading fashion, because of the computers and the modernization of young generation prefer the computer games and Facebook, instead of tiring standing of three hours watching a free tradition and cultural show.  One up for some Chinese news paper, even Straits Times Stomp, is giving up after five to six years following, for money, no audiences on their side. Or is it the English educated does not like Getai after five years. How about the few hundred thousand that is stuck oversea working like mad dogs for the HDB, that always missed their plates of Getai when I mentioned it to them? Remember the Getai is the local Chinese form of Gotong Royong where the community fork out money for community services, it is also a give and take society no more. Note the donation collection done each night for temples doing community services.

Coming back to the number of audiences, if three hundred people aging between 60 and seventies, just imaging five to seven years down the road, maybe 20 to 30 percent will bid bye bye to this world( forget the shitty statistic of long life in Singapore), another 30 % will be sick that will not be able to watch( forget about the stupid statistic of healthy Singaporean), this leaves us with 50%. Then in five to seven years times, the average age will be between the youngest 62 to 72 years old. What do you expect by then, we probably will have 120 persistent audiences at the best staged show watching.

It is very sad that Getai is a unique Singaporean culture and tradition, evolved and found nowhere else, have to perish. This is also the only place where the government does not care a hood about culture and tradition although there is a ministry of culture worrying about western arts drawing, pouring millions into drawing and structures where few understands or interested. But Getai, unlike the dialect, will die an aided natural death to come. Dialect died an unnatural death due to an idiot asking us to go to mandarin, without thinking the HK maintain Cantonese, Taiwan their Hokkiens. He thought everyone is like him, learning something else one will forget another, we naturally are not that idiotic. HK and Taiwan are still prospering. So eventually we will be a place where we speak only English and Mandarin. Tamil language will die here, spoken Malay will die in another generation or two. We will be World number on in language handicap, hurray. All these will become arts in the future. Today is the 25th of the Seventh Month of the Ghost Festival, there is five more days to go before this year festival ends. One to the next year, Getai is on the alpha omega, The Beginning Of The End.  

Most of us can see the death of the yellow top taxi dying an unnatural death, though bloodless, but brutal. So is the neighborhood provision shops. They claim that no one was interested in this jobs, look at Japan, their small shops survive. The main cause like food centres is rental, one up for the HDB. So those top guys in NTUC, please do not feel proud of your achievement, as your profitability is a given, not performed. Watch out, the next is our own types of food. Now you go to hawker center, Malay food maintained well, Indian food still holds because a lot of cooks are from Malaysia and Tamil Nadu, but the Chinese food, the Teochew, Hokkien or Contonese food is going away, either you ate those made by China Chinese or most economical stall cooked by standard Malaysian. Singaporean cannot cook any more, not because it is dirty or tough, but with the influx of foreign talent, we local cannot survive. KFC , big Mac or burger King will help the slaughter of the local delicacy where their killer weapons are our younger population. Your parent does not send you to the university, get a president scholar and cook Nasi Brayani or Chai Tow Kuay, making $1200 per month!

Then another to die will be our election rallies, the cause will be all forms of restrictions, but the main will be a place without spaces, no space in our country??. Everywhere there are condominiums, no more open space in the future for this “Wayang” rallies. Being a local, one of my favourites to living here is Getai, our local foods and election rallies.

All thing dies in many forms. Culture dies not due to something big, but many little things. Like the Malay said ”sikit sikit, lama, lama jadi bukit” The Earth will eventually die to due to over population, gathering all resources, concentrate them and eventually poison us,  As rocks will become sand, river will be streams, trees will be wood, hill will be flat lands, everything moving or static will eventually die, what does not die are some politician lies. Sigh!!

I donch care a dam, but,


Recently we saw a lot of activities that seems to be lob sided and totally useless to people like me, the commoners. There are few points that I do not care a dammed and…
             I donch care a dam, when Tan Tony and General Chan shake hands to honor the medical service people for their good work, for SARs or whatever, but when are you going to shake hand with all those who pay $26 three years ago now paying $30/- for the same hospital visit, helping to make them successful?  


I donch care a dam when you sell all the spaces and land to build condo, but where do I watch our traditional Getai unique to us or election rally, more over you always have a budget surplus, it this surplus come from land selling but not your efficiency, and where is our greenery?


I donch care a dam when the unavoidable COE keep raising or you put ERP gates  in front of my street, but I care when you can reduce the traffic jams everywhere.


I donch care a dam when you increase the car population and widen all the roads here and there, but when can you reduce the land that is used for the roads. I cannot tell my grandchildren our land was once pretty and green, but now all cut down for roads, and no matter how you widen, can you widen the bottle neck at each end of the widen roads??


I donch care if you put in General after Generals into the SMRT or whatever, but I do care is when these General know how to retreat when fighting a war. As a fighter, how to fight a good battle, which means when can he forgo the next two to three years of non-profit to get the breakdown of trains straighten out? Or just listen to the bosses? Any lance corporal in the army can do better.


I donch care a dam when someone sold APB Tiger beer to the Thai or SPC to China, which many of us were once proud of, but I do care why we take the trouble to be proud of building something just to be sold for money? So now,


I donch even care if you sell away SMRT, SBS, NTUC, Capital Land, Singtel, SIA, Temasek, GIC, the President, the Prime Minister or even the Parliament.


I donch care a dam when you bring all the foreigners in as many as you like, but as tourist, but I do care they came in as low end job seekers.


I donch care a dam when you talked about improving efficiency and productivity,  I do care when you can improve yours it first. I had a question written tens of times to MOH and HSA since Nov 2011, till now there is no answer, this is what I do care.


            I donch care if Temasick portfolio raised to $215 billion or $2150 billion, up 8.9 % or much more, but I do care where or how the increase come from, or what as Singapore stake holder will get in return, or how what Temasick relates to us.


I donch care even if you outsource the whole Cabinet, then I only need a CEO, and not so many useless ministries, which is fasterer, betterer and cheaperer, and they of course, are answerable.


I donch care if you will to sell the land where Istana stands or the Padang, but it should be for building of condos and must be sold to local only. At least I will be able to know where the money come from or goes to.


After watching the country moving trend for the past five to six years, I really find we are hopeless. So, it is not easy to care anymore.

A Dozen good about Haze

Wa, so long neber write. too sick too. After getting much better from my sickness relapse, I began to think I better write optimistic things, here goes about a dozen good things about haze. 
1. It is nostalgic i recalled in my younger kampong days, every Tueday we will burn rubbish, including leaves an everything. I still can remember the smell, just the same as today, how nice. The strange thing is that how strong the fire is, underneath the burnt pile, there are living in it beetles caterpillars!.
2. The haze help our inefficient m8nister to rid of dengue mosquitos, of which they spent a lot of money, wasted a lot of talk, pointed many fingers, with no results.
3. It help us to learn of s9me of our ministers how emotional they are under pressure. you can tell by hearing them yell “dounch blame the pap, or donch blame xyz.”  They cant speak properly, they just does not know that the public services are run by the pap, so who to blame? Golkar meh? So can we rely on them in times of troubles?
4. We also learnt our pm thinking too. He said i kena also? To me it meant i kena, so i will be more active than you thought, so if i domch kena, like buying hdb or others, then I might,, ??
5. For the traffic police, now more senang, lesser speeding, all drivers go slow slow leow.
6. Parking lagi good, those parking summon auntie and uncle, all run fast fast into hiding, so we can park pretty freely, unless you kena those park8ng lot with those one armed robbers, then too bad lah
7. Cigarettes sales got hit, sales reduce, many already got free smoke. You also will not have ppl waving away smoke when they stand beside you smoking, cause no matter how they waved away, haze come around.

8. Another good thing is to the eyes of everyone, sgp is now equal. Recently you see how ugly the country is, everywhere constructing condos, no open space. Now we see everywhere like genting highland , how nice. We cannot see a hundred meters away from you, so better landscape then concrete everywhere.
9. In this time of the year is supposed to be dammed bloody hot, but with the haze, temperature dropped two to three degrees, cooler right?.
10. Now see doctor got discount. Aha, 3 yrs ago, i go …hospital see doctor, $26, now $32, alamak, who the hell track and knew that the MOH can suka suka jack up price like tat. Our subsidy means go up 10 donch tell you,  but subsidize 9 bloe trumpet to you, and you kena plus one, same same like NTU si.

11. Good that we dammed sure we are not going to war in time of haze, because we need our saf to be staying  indoors, which means there will be no war in time of haze .

12. Haze is also for reading, with so many spelling mistikes, ppl will forgive me, because with severe haze, cannot see properly, so readers know it is a haze caused mistakes.

But in finally, there is sure a bad thing, we got haze lah.

Budget again? – As Usual

         In a couple of days another budget will be presented by the government. As usual there will be debates. As usual, any questions from the opposition will be deemed as an attack. As usual, I expected the budget will be not for the commoner. As usual the business people will ask for more. As usual man in the street will cry of given less.  As usual what the budget presenter will claim it to be a good budget. As usual many of  the governments MPs will yell their throat coarse  to put up a good opposing show and say aye at the end of the show. As usual the Ministar of Finance will claim that the budget also serve to take care of the future, let say at least 10 years down the road benefits will be reaped, which as usual I did not see one yet for the past 45 years. As usual all the departmental ministars will come up to wayang and present it like a debate, and not a presentation. As usual the objective of each department will be smoky, beating around the bush. As usual the objective of all ministries will not have a single figure or numbers in their plan and measurement. As usual the budget will be passed. As usual nothing will need to be altered, adjusted and corrected.

However, you can continue to ask or beg, the yearly budget is already DONE. Forget about revising it. What the people should not go asking anything from the minister as you are not going to get anything. So what we should go on asking the budget itself. In the beginning I would look at the deficit or surplus. Of course there will be a surplus. For a country so small, the number of workers per kilometer squared so small, if you have a deficit, then dear minister, you got to go back to the kindergarden to learn your mathematic!   

What we should nowadays look and ask. How did the surplus come from? Looking at the way you increase cost throughout the year, the surplus is not a surprise. Why does not each ministry present their income, and what cost had they raised to impact the people to gain a plus? Such gain like the MOH, increasing visiting fee to visit doctor at hospital yearly? How does each ministry over spend like YOG, something like that. How does the transport ministry in their wimps and fancy increase ERP entry cost when COE is under the same control system to smoothen traffic flow. How much land did the government sold in percent of the surplus?

When ever had any one saw an item of expenditure being changed in our parliament?  Actually, we should have a pre budget sitting at least 3 months before a real budget is presented. If not, how do you expect to get some ridiculous budget items to be changed.  Of course our minister will claim that for thousands of years, it had been done like this, but my though is why we cannot be different for the better. I am wondering when each ministry start to prepare for next budget?

I can see that this budget will be another usual budget. Do not ask for more, but ask for why we spend like this, who to reduce such spending. For the matter, I believe the obsess government it self need to look at their efficiency, as you are using up so much percentage of the local that we do not have sufficient local for other jobs. Sigh!!

Up up and away

Today I went is my visit to the doctor again, an average of  three times per every two months. This time, I got wacked again. When I first got a serious relapse on October 2010, each visit cost me $25 to see a doctor. Now $30 per visit. Whatever so called subsidy are just bull shit. What each of us are interested in is what we really pay, but whatever subsidy the government claimed. The key is that the MOH can suka suka raise any price they wanted.

Each time, you heard the government said about our coming danger zone about aging population is also another bull. Why do they worry. If they return our CPF promptly, we ourselves can handle the cost ourselves. Now that they cannot pay out as they promised in the 80’s then by delaying these payout, it look like we are the pauper begging from them for subsidy. Just imagine for each transaction of CPF money, our money, they charge us $2.5/-. So they keep your money, and charges you for using it. Is this not funny?

Look at our transport. I feel that at least a third, and almost all the bus purchase subsidy is for foreigners. Do a population of 3.9 million overall need so many buses and such network of MRT? Do your maths and you will know. Turn around and look at our land. Every corner are now turned to building condo. Look like the biggest piece of open land is the highway. Every little corner is being build up. In the past, I use to bragged to my foreign friends about of land, now I am shit shy to even mention. I used to welcome foreign friend to visit us to take a look at our land, now I encourage them to go to Thailand or Malaysia. I am too sad to show who and what we are. The fact is a high percentage of those condos are not bought by locals.     

I feel that our country is now obese. Obesity is consuming what the body bone structure can take.  Bone structure I mean the land.  In excess, will be overcrowded and other sickness, which very much needed some medicine or a cure. But since the White paper want a 6.9 million, we will be a very sick man.  Yet the rational is that after 6.9 million then what? I like Fandi comment on FAS, incompetent. I would say not only FAS, the whole government is incompetent.

As we claim to be among the riches people in the world, another bull. We are dead poor. Our old man use to say each of us had property value in hundreds of thousands dollars, but the fact is commoner like us are cash poor. The high property price we had cannot be pawned, unless we are quitters going to leave this place we are born in and once proud of. The high property price is just for the government to collect more property taxes for the coffer. 

Coming soon, I think by around May, we may see transport fare going up one more. Our government is the easiest to run, as they can almost increase any price whenever they like. Then to the outside world may praise them for a budget surpluses. How to have a budget surplus? Just increase prices anyhow they wanted will work wonder to the surpluses.

Last week my son told me he is chiak lat, his two children need $1100 per month in the nursery when I was about to tell him why only two. So with all the above tit and bits, you can imaging where the hell are we heading. Sigh!! The Budget is coming, is will again will be another happy budget for the businesses where more is not enough. For us local commoners, we see more price raises. This is because the government is obese. Sigh again!!